HI-MACS ® Solid Surface

HI-MACS ® Solid Surface is a blend of resins and natural minerals. It is an extremely hard-wearing and durable countertop or surface material that transforms kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, boardrooms and any environment into a fantastic new spaces. HI-MACS ® is completely non-porous, so never needs sealing and won’t  allow bacteria to linger.  Comfortable, easy to care for, handle and clean,  each collection features a list of unique properties. See the colors below or find out more at our FAQ page.

Hi_Macs_Cameroon_Sample-Countertop_VancouverHI-MACS ® Classic

From subtle to staggering, the shades and particulate patterns of HI-MACS ® classic let your designs whisper, speak or shout your creative intentions in exciting and original ways.

Hi_Macs_Volcanics_Casera_Sample-Countertop_VancouverHI-MACS ® Volcanics

Large translucent chips in HI-MACS ® Volcanics Solid Surface create dazzling color options, giving your countertop or surface breathtaking beauty, clarity, and depth.

Hi_Macs__Eden_Plus_Lemongrass_Sample-Countertop_VancouverHI-MACS ® Eden Plus

The Eden Plus collection features up to 41% certified Recycled content and is GreenGuard ® certified for indoor air quality. This collection is eligible for LEED ® Credits for sustainable design.

Hi_Macs_Platinum_Granite_Countertop_Sample-Countertop_VancouverHI-MACS ® Galaxy

Celestial colors fused with translucent particles give the Galaxy collection the stylistic quality of contemporary quartz surfaces while maintaining the features and functionality of  Solid Surface.

Hi_Macs_Marmo_Sample-Countertop_Material_VancouverHI-MACS ® Marmo

The Marmo collection uses a unique process to embody the organic flowing structure of natural stone. Its veined patterning and translucent particles capture the essence of natural stone countertops and surfaces with the added ease of care that is unique to  Solid Surface.


HI-MACS ® Sinks

Hi-Macs Sinks are the best compliment to Hi-Macs ® countertops, offering the very best function and fit.

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