Having the right material for your needs is a big part of making your countertop or custom furniture project a success. At Two and Two Design Innovations we do everything we can to ensure that we match your material to your application because we want to ensure that what we build lasts as long as possible.

Find out more about our material selection below.

Corian Witch Hazel Kitchen Countertops Vancouver

Corian ® – Solid Surface

Corian® is the original Solid Surface by Dupont™.  Corian is a blend of resins and natural minerals and is an extremely hard-wearing and durable countertop or surface material. Corian® is completely non-porous, so never needs sealing and won’t  allow bacteria to linger so it is certified food safe and kosher. Comfortable, easy to care for, handle and clean,  each collection features a list of unique properties.

0-Diresco Quartz Countertops Vancouver

Diresco ® – Quartz

The properties of Diresco® Stone set it apart from other brands of quartz surfaces. The quartz compound stone can be used without any problems in virtually any environment and under the most diverse conditions. So the imagination of the designer is Diresco® Stone’s only limit.


Hi-Macs ® – Solid Surface

Hi-Macs ® is extremely hard-wearing, durable and beautiful. Hi-Macs® transforms kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, boardrooms and any environment into a fantastic new space. Comfortable, easy to care for, handle and clean as a countertop or surface material,  each collection features a list of unique properties.


Paperstone® – Paper Surface

PaperStone® is a sustainable composite material made from paper*, PetroFree™ phenolic resins and natural pigments. Its most outstanding properties include high strength and high temperature resistance, creating unique possibilities for its use as a countertop or living surface material.

Avonite Vanity with wall cap

Avonite ® – Solid Surface

Avonite Solid Surfaces celebrate visionary colors, realistic textures, recycled products and rich groupings inspired by glass, concrete, precious metals, and an eclectic array of natural materials.


Staron ® – Solid Surface

Staron Solid Surfaces explore combinations of  deep colors and vivid textures, inspired by a huge array of natural and synthetic surfaces resulting in color collections that reflect the best of solid surface but are unique to Staron.