What is Two & Two Design Innovations?

Two & Two Design Innovations is an interior and industrial design/build house based in Richmond, across the Fraser River from Vancouver BC.  We specialize in custom architectural fixtures (including countertops, lighting fixtures, wall panels and displays) furnishings (working, seating and dining) and functional objects(food presentation platters, trays and surfaces).

Why choose Two & Two Design?

At Two & Two Design Innovations we are a design | build team, our designers and our fabricators are the same people. That means that we can integrate our tactile building knowledge into the design process when consulting with our clients. This allows us to help our clients find the very best from the materials that we have to offer.

We know that when you choose Two and Two Design, you’re inviting us into your space, and asking us to make it more of the space that you want it to be. We work hard to ensure that you are left with something of enduring value and are constantly refining our practice to better deliver Quality, Quickly.

Why ‘Two and Two’?

When you ‘put two and two together’ you figure something out, or solve a problem based on observation. For us, that means putting the ideas and desires of our clientele together with our knowledge, experience and innovation. Its seeing whats new in what we know that drives us and defines the way we work.

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