Corian ® Solid Surface

Corian ® is the original solid surface countertops material by Dupont™. It is a blend of resins and natural minerals that is a hard-wearing and durable countertop or surface material. Corian is completely non-porous, so never needs sealing and won’t allow bacteria to linger. Because of this, Corian countertops are comfortable, easy to care for, handle and clean.  Each collection features a list of unique properties.

Corian Countertops Vancouver - Corian by DuPont

Corian ®

From subtle to staggering, the shades and particulate patterns of Corian® give new voice to your creative intentions in exciting and original ways.

Corian Countertops and Surfaces Vancouver - Illumination Collection

Corian ® Illumination

The translucent pastel colors of the Illumination  series creates dazzling color options, perfect for back lit surfaces, in signs or wall panels.

Corian Countertops Vancouver - Metallics Collection

Corian ® Metallics

The bold colors of this collection are infused with  metallic flecks that create a distinct shimmer designed to heighten the visual play of the surface. These effects create a unique motion within the material that add a dynamic effect to the surround space.

Corian Countertops Vanacouver - Private Collection Raincloud

Corian ® Private Collection

Soothing, and rejuvenating, the Private Collection gives your designs an elegant array of nature-inspired colors and textures. These swirling patterns and textures create fantastic and low maintenance alternatives to natural stone.

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