Staron® – Solid Surface

Staron Solid Surface by Samsung

Large expanses of solid color with minimal seam visibility are the hall marks of Solid Surface installations. These colors offer very low maintenance and are great for heavy use countertops and surfaces.


These colors feature small, sand-sized particles in varying degrees of depth and visibility. The result is a pallet of shimmering colors inspired by secluded beaches.


The Pebble collection features particles of varying sizes set in muted background hues. The  visual effect is similar to traditional granite styles, with all of the benefits of Solid Surface, including easy cleaning and lifetime stain resistance, without sealing.


By combining small and mid-sized particles in a bed of translucent solids, these complex patterns add a subtle shimmer and depth to the style of the Sanded collection


The larger particulates ad unique material blends in the Quarry collection recreate the rich, natural appeal of stone.


Organic particles with distinctive halos create an inspired look, unique to Staron® Solid Surface.


Based on the colors of the Earth, the particulates in this series contain a subtle, yet striking array of colors and visual textures.


Sharp, quartz-form particulates of varying sizes set in translucent base colors create stunning patterns perfect for a honed quartz look, with fantastic stain resistance.

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