Corian ® Metallics

The Metallics collection brings a new dimension to the original solid surface by DuPont™. Corian ® Metallics countertops and surfaces become glittering accents that bring a new vibrancy to living spaces in the home.

The colors of the Metallics collection range from seemingly understated neutrals to bold hues.  The materials of this collection are infused with metallic flakes that interact with light to produce a subtle shimmering appearance. This  can be integrated into a number of designs to produce a wide variety of effects that activate the surrounding space.

The Metallics Collection is another example of the trend setting design aesthetic of DuPont™  Corian ®. The unique reflective flecks that are infused into the Metallics Collection of Corian ® Solid Surface result in an architectural surface material that can be used to create Metallics countertops and architectural panels with visual interactions unlike any other Solid Surface, Quartz or natural stone product.

The light interaction of this collection can create special visual effects like integrating logos or decorative patterns. This is done by  assembling  this material into  surfaces from pieces with varying orientations. This alters the angles of metallic flakes so that each section of the surface interacts differently with the light. This is accented as the observer moves relative to the surface and different aspects of the design appear and disappear.

Note: Color appearance will be affected by monitor or printer settings. We recommend seeing live samples before making your color decision.

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Corian Metallics Solid Surface Countertops Vancouver


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