Corian ® Illumination

Corian ® is the original solid surface by DuPont™ with over 25 years in production. This blend of resins and minerals has opened a huge variety of options for designers and architects and continues to innovate with dozens of unique solid surface products. The Illumination series of translucent solid surface broadens the possibilities of this unique material to beautiful lighting fixtures, wall panels and room dividers.

Integrating color-inlays and engraving into the Illumination series extends the options for using this translucent solid surface material. Like other solid surface materials,   the Illumination collection can be 3d formed to help sculpt the light in your space. This can be used to create a unique atmosphere for dance floors, interactive displays and customer service spaces.

The luminous quality of the colors in the Corian ® Illumination collection is best accentuated by light sources in the 4700K+ color range. This cool light allows the true colors of the panels to shine through without any yellowing or color distortion.

Note: Color appearance will be affected by monitor or printer settings. We recommend seeing live samples before making your color decision.

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Corian Illumination Series Solid Surfaces and Countertops Vancouver and Richmond


Find out more about the possibilities of Corian ® Illumination translucent  Solid Surface at the Dupont website.