Diresco ® Quartz Surfaces

Quartz countertops are a growing trend in home surfaces. The unique strength of Diresco ® Quartz sets it apart from other brands of quartz surfaces. The quartz compound stone can be used without problems indoors or out, even under the most diverse conditions.  When used in quartz countertops, Diresco ® offers high stain and impact resistance, for an easy to clean and durable surface

Diresco ®  Beach

The Beach Collection features finely graded quartz crystals of regular coloration and patterning. This results in a surface that minimizes the appearance of seams.

Diresco ® Divinity

Similar to the Beach collection, but with greater variation in the colors of individual quartz crystals, the Divinity collection is an especially easy to care for surface for quartz countertops.

Diresco ® Belgian

The Belgian Collection takes styling cues from natural stones such as Granite or Carrera Marble with the added benefit of easy maintenance unique to quartz countertops.

Diresco ®  Premium

The Premium range uses only the finest grade of quartz crystals for the most uniformly colored quartz surface possible.

Diresco ® Misty and Risotto

The Risotto range features a careful blend of many different sizes and colors of quartz crystals to create a rich and diverse surface texture. The Misty range uses a subtle variation of colors within fine crystals to create a muted pattern in your quartz surface.

Note: Color appearance will be affected by monitor or printer settings. We recommend seeing live samples before making your color decision.

Diresco ®, like all quartz countertops and surfaces is manufactured using the patented Bretonstone® Process that combines readily available quartz crystals under heat and pressure to create a strong uniform surface that is superior in strength and uniformity to natural stone.

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