HI-MACS ® Galaxy

Celestial colors fused with translucent particles give the Galaxy collection the style of contemporary quartz surfaces while maintaining the features and functionality of  Solid Surface countertops.

Quartz countertops are renown for their strength and stain fighting ability. As a result of these properties, quartz countertops have become a fast growing trend in contemporary design and the quartz look has become increasingly popular.  The Galaxy collection of Hi-Macs ® Solid Surface countertops materials offers the quartz look with the best stain resistance of any surface material.

The stain resistance of Hi-Macs ® Galaxy collection means that there are more options when it comes to your countertop or surface finish. Easy to clean honed surfaces are easily applied and permit the use of cleaners that would damage or discolor a quartz surface.

Other benefits of the Galaxy collection include an ease of repair that means marks or scuffs that would require professional attention to remove from typical quartz surfaces can easily be dealt with by the home owner with products found around the house.

Note: Color appearance will be affected by monitor or printer settings. We recommend seeing live samples before making your color decision.

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Find out more about The Galaxy collection at the LG Hi-Macs Website.