HI-MACS ® Marmo

The Marmo collection uses a unique process to embody the organic flowing structure of natural marble and granite stone. Its veined patterning and translucent particles capture the essence of natural stone or marble countertops and surfaces with the added ease of care that is unique to Solid Surface.

Natural marble is a soft, porous stone that is easily damaged by many common kitchen items including citrus juices, wine and vinegar. It can also be damaged by many common cleaning agents that can stain or etch the surface. The superior chemical resistance of the Marmo collection means that these surfaces will never stain and never need special sealing to protect their beauty.

Adding the ability of Hi-Macs to be formed into nearly any shape means that the Marmo collection can achieve designs and patterns not possible with natural marble countertops such as large sweeping curves and engraved drains.

By removing the burden of protection and maintenance, the Marmo collection combines the aesthetic of natural marble with the ease of ownership of solid surface to create fantastic new possibilities for both interior and exterior design projects.

See full sized examples of Marmo sheets here.

Note: Color appearance will be affected by monitor or printer settings. We recommend seeing live samples before making your color decision.

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