HI-MACS ® Sinks

The perfect compliment to a Hi-Macs ® Countertop is a Hi-Macs ® Sink. These sinks are designed with common cabinet sizes and Hi-Macs ® Countertops in mind. This means that you’ll get the best fit and value with the pair. These highly functional sinks offer great noise reduction, with an ease of cleaning and repair that every heavily used kitchen should have.

Solid Surface

Available in Arctic White, Ivory, Cream or Almond, our solid surface Hi-Macs sinks offer integral mounting with no lips or barriers between the bowl and the countertop, creating the easiest cleaning experience possible. Solid Surface sinks naturally suppress noise due to their thickness and integration into the surrounding countertop.

Stainless Steel

All of these Stainless Steel Hi-Macs sinks are suitable for under counter mounting, meaning you’ll be able to easily sweep dirt and spills into the sink with nothing in the way and no extra ledges to clean. These sinks are made of durable, surgical grade, 18 Gauge 18/10 Stainless Steel. This thickness offers better dent resistance and noise suppression than the 20 Gauge steel often used in lower quality sinks. Rubber coating and sound absorbing pads help make these sinks a quiet compliment to your kitchen countertops.

Contact us to find out more about the fit and function of each of our sinks, or to request a sink shape or size that you don’t see here.

Customized sinks are also available.

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