Hi-Macs ® Frequently Asked Questions

What is HI-MACS ®?

Hi-Macs ® is a solid surface material comprising of  natural minerals and pigments set in an acrylic matrix.

What can it be used for?

Hi-Macs ® is so versatile that it can be used for a wide variety of applications in the home or in commercial property. Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanities, Guest Greeting Stations and Point-of-Sale Displays are common applications of Hi-Macs ® Solid Surface.

How many colours are there?

There are currently over 120 colours available, see the colours of Hi-Macs ® here.

What sizes are available?

Every Hi-Macs ® countertop or surface installation is made to order and custom fit so there is no limit to length, width or depth.

What sinks or bowls can be used?

There are a wide variety of sinks and bowls available, some of which can be seamlessly integrated into a countertop. Should you wish, sinks or bowls made from other materials such as stainless steel or ceramic can be used. See our collection of Solid Surface and Stainless Steel Hi-Macs ® Sinks here.

What finish is available?

Hi-Macs ® can be sanded to give any finish from matte to a high gloss. However, to keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum,  either a satin or honed finish is recommended.

How is it cleaned?

Normal cleaning is just done using soapy water. If marks remain on the surface, any non-abrasive household cleaner can be used with a blue Scotch-Brite® Pad. Note that acetone will result in an uneven surface finish when dry so should be avoided. Denatured Alcohol or clear rubbing alcohol offer quick results on many marks.

Does the colour fade over time?

Hi-Macs ® is UV stable and does not fade.

Some applications are external, such as cladding or signage and some colours and certain finishes are more suitable than others.

Can any colour be used for all applications?

Dark heavily pigmented colours will show ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter textured colours. Fee free to contact us for advice on integragting Hi-Macs ® into your color pallet.

Does it scratch?

The surface of Hi-Macs ® is similar in density to a very hard wood or a marble. A chopping board should be used for food preparation and avoid moving rough based objects across the surface as these actions can result in fine lines in the surface.  Superficial marks can be easily removed at home.

How does it react to heat?

Hi-Macs ® is unaffected by temperatures up to 100 C. In common with other high quality surfaces, pans or trays taken off the stove or out of the oven should be placed onto a trivet of some sort. Two and Two Design Innovations can incorporate range bars into an installation for frequent high temperature use of your countertop.

Are the joints really ‘seamless’?

In most cases the joint between one piece of Hi-Macs ® and another will be virtually invisible. In some cases under close inspection a joint may be faintly visible.

Are samples available?

50mm x 50mm colour samples are available on request. Contact Us to find out how.

How does it compare to granite and other natural stones?

Hi-Macs ® is non-porous and requires no special sealing. This is particularly advantageous of light colored design choices because pale natural stone is more prone to permanent staining.

Joints are inconspicuous and therefore more hygienic. There is a much wider choice of colours and effects. In the unlikely event Hi-Macs ® is damaged it can be repaired. Virtually any design can be achieved so length, width or depth presents no obstacles.

How does it compare to Quartz surfaces?

Hi-Macs ® can be accurately thermoformed (heated and shaped) so complex curves are possible. Whats more, even thought Quartz is a non-porous surface, very shallow separations between quartz crystals and the resin binders in Quartz can form allowing room for fine particles to seep in. Because of the way Hi-Macs® is formed, it is a continuous, homogenous solid surface, where this kind of mark can be removed using a Scotch-Brite® Pad.

Some colours of Hi-Macs ®  have translucent properties so lighting effects can be achieved. These affects can be tailored to your needs and modified with colour inlay.

How long will a Hi-Macs® installation last?

As long as you want it to.

How much does it cost?

Every installation is bespoke so cost is dependent on the size and complexity of design of the installation. Also, cost does vary depending on the colour chosen and stock availability for smaller sizes. Contact us today for our best price.

See our complete line of Hi-Macs products.


Find out more about Hi-Macs ® at http://www.lghimacsusa.com/