HI-MACS ® Eden Plus

The Eden Plus collection features up to 41% certified recycled solid surface content and is eligible for LEED® credits for sustainable design.

In addition to its SCS Certified recycled solid surface content, the formulation of the Eden plus collection of Hi-Macs ® Solid Surface and its adhesives ensure that Eden Plus countertop and surface installations are  GreenGuard ® certified for indoor air quality. This is because the surfaces and adhesives of the Eden Plus Collection emit very low levels of VOCs.

Like all Hi-Macs ® Solid Surface products, the Eden Plus Collection is  National Sanitary Foundation Standard 51-certified to the highest level for food contact. No independent testing organization is as stringent with its compliance procedures as NSF.  NSF certification requires regular on-site inspections of Hi-Macs manufacturing facilities. NSF certification ensures that Hi-Macs ® installations represent the highest level of safety possible.

The features of the Eden Plus Collection make it a popular choice for schools, hospitals and laboratories where sterility and good air quality are essential.

Note: Color appearance will be affected by monitor or printer settings. We recommend seeing live samples before making your color decision.

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Hi Macs Eden Plus Lemongrass Sample Countertop Vancouver