Fameli-Canuto Kitchen Countertops

Fameli-Canuto Diresco Beach Black Honed Quartz Kitchen Countertops Oak St. Vancouver 0879

Fameli-Canuto Kitchen

3CM  Diresco® Beach Black Honed Quartz Countertops w/ matching splash and Corian® stove splash detail

Oak St. Vancouver

“We are very happy with the work Michael did on our new kitchen’s counter top. It is a beautiful product in great harmony with cabinets, floor, sink, faucet and appliances. But perhaps more remarkable for us has been witnessing the passion with which Michael works. After installation, there were some difficulties with the finish, which resulted in an unexpected, not-pleasing-to-the-eye, spotty pattern, apparently due to a faulty sealant product. Our frustration with the problem was only matched by Michael’s, who doggedly worked on the issue, shuttling back and forth between his shop and our kitchen until he solved it. Excellently. Knowing what kind of effort went behind our nice counter top makes it even more valuable for us.”

Design: Jay Barker Studio

Cabinetry: Coda Woodworks

Diresco Countertop and Corian Splash: Two and Two Design

Corian Bartop: Others

Photographs by Michael Johnson