Tom Watkins Gulf Island Cottage Pony Wall Countertop

Supply Only Hi-Macs Countertops Vancouver BC

Gulf Island Cottage Hi-Macs ® Countertop

Hi-Macs ® Monza 2.5cm Countertop Edge 6mm Radius.

Gulf Islands BC

“I found Two and Two when I was interested in adding a new pony wall counter to my cottage in the Gulf Islands that doesn’t have a ferry  service. I wanted to get Solid Surface but none of the countertop dealers I’d tried were able to provide me with what I needed because of the lack of ferry access. Two and Two were able to give me a great colour choice in Hi-Macs Monza that complemented the existing countertops well and built a supply-only countertop to my exact specifications. It all worked out great.”

Tom Watkins


Photograph by Tom Watkins