Motevaselan Kitchen

Hi-Macs Artic White Kitchen countertops with Integral Sink

Motevaselan Kitchen Countertops

Hi-Macs Arctic White Countertop w/ 2318 integral sink

3CME Standard Countertop edge

When the Motevaselan family needed a new countertop for their garden suite’s kitchen, they opted for Hi-Macs Arctic White with a matching integral Hi-Macs 2318 sink option for easy cleaning and low maintenance. After testing a few samples of the material at home they were able to finalize their color choice and decided to include a breakfast table for their children.

“The craftsmanship is both very professional & artistic… They were on time & beyond efficient & we would hire them on our next project. Thanks!” Elouise Motevaselan

Photographs by Yvonne Hachkowski